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I help business leaders maximize profits while connecting with their deepest purpose.
Transform Challenges Into opportunities For Growth

Are you a business leader doing great things, but are struggling to get to the next level?

You feel the need to be more profitable, to help your employees be happier and more productive. Underneath it all, you have a burning passion to express your deepest purpose and share it as a gift with the world.

This task seems impossible – to integrate your calling with your work and increase your profits, so you’re living your best life.

I have some very good news, It is possible!

I know, because I have done it.



Each of us has a desire to live a productive, profitable and purposeful life. I can help you attain these three P’s through my Lead-to-Gold Formula

How Steve guides you through the process



I walk you through an in-depth assessment of yourself based on your personality type, strengths and areas of improvement. We determine the top goals you want to achieve and what means the most to you. We will then set your plans in motion for your transition to begin.



I help you identify what’s been working so far and see what’s been holding you back. We use these challenges and turn them into opportunities for you to grow. I work with you on every step of the process.



Your evolution is an ever changing process. After reaching your goals, what’s next? I help you maintain the life you’ve achieved while we redefine your priorities for the next stage of growth.

Steve Rodgers

The founder of The Alchemy Advisors and an expert in the unique formula of creating business success and personal fulfillment.

As a former Warren Buffett CEO who led the company to generate 25 billion dollars in annual sales, I know what it is like to lead a company.

I left my traditional company role in real estate, and I began coaching people to be their best selves and do their greatest professional work. I am now a purpose-driven consultant, coach, board advisor, and speaker.

Beyond my specialiized focus on helping you, I have a team of experts on-hand to help you on your journey.

The Self Clarity & Action Guide Sheet

Are you sometimes unsure of what you want from life or why you’re doing what you’re doing?

This is totally normal, and there is a way to help you map out a more meaningful life and career.

Let me share with you a simple and effective guide to aid you in gaining more inner clarity and help you take action.

The Alchemy of Business Show

A podcast that mixes practical, actionable business solutions with soulful insights for anyone seeking deeper meaning in their lives and greater success in their work.

The IGI Principles
The Power of Inviting Good In vs Edging Good Out
Foreword by Mark Thompson

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who is seeking to bring a deeper Spiritual Intelligence and a greater consciousness into their business so as to benefit not just themselves and their customers, but the world as a whole?

If so, this book is your blueprint.

This book is a multi-media experience with text, Qr code accessible online videos, social swipes, and more!

Lead to Gold
Overcome any obstacle and turn challenges into great opportunities
Foreword by Brian Tracy

Lead to Gold is a remarkable book describing how anyone can effectively use the energizing power of transitions, forced or chosen, to their advantage. It provides you with the tools necessary to take the challenges we take every day and turn them into positive forces to enhance growth rather than diminish it. Lead to Gold is available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook formats.


Trusted by Enterpreneurs and Business
Large and Small

Steve is a pioneer. As the CEO of Prudential California Realty, Steve has taken an active approach to Internet marketing, and leads his company by example.

Andy Steuer

CMO at WriteForMe

Steve is an incredible human being who cares deeply about the success of others. He is one of the best in connecting the right people at the right time for the benefit of all parties.

Margie Wang

Former COO of Junior Achievement Worldwide

Steve worked for me a long time as a consultant and business advisor and has done a great job. He is tireless as he is resourceful, a great combination when you want things done.

David Greenberger

President of 1031 Exchange Advantage/

Steve was my business coach in 2016. With Steve’s guidance, I explored in great depth my personal life plan as a foundation for my business. Through Steve’s coaching, I was equipped to live my life intentionally to achieve my goals on every level.

Heidi Dorman

Steve Rodgers is a rock star! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve through several projects, beginning when he was brought into one of our companies to assist with the strategic planning.

Ryan Ponsford

Akili Capital

Steve has been a consultant, business mentor, and coach to me and my company, Agentology.Steve brings a wealth of experience in all sectors of business management. Steve Rodgers is someone you want by your side!

David Tal

CEO at

if you want to learn how to overcome any of your own adversities, and we all have them, learn from somebody who has been there and done that, I couldn’t give him a more amazing testimonial of helping you get what you want out of life regardless of what has happened or is happening to you.

John Assaraff

CEO of, Bestselling Author

Steve and I have been friends and business associates for several years. Steve is one of the most competent, thoughtful, insightful and decisive executives I have ever met.

Brian Tracy

Author of over 70 bestselling books and International Speaker

Steve is a well seasoned executive leader, was CEO of Prudential and Berkshire Hathaway, and he has owned a firm. He has had high levels of executive success He understands both how to drive a business, and how to manage and lead a business.

Marshall Goldsmith

#1 executive coach in the world ranking by Global Gurus, Author of 35 books with over 50 million copies sold

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