What is your view today

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March 18, 2015
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March 24, 2015
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What is your view today

This image resonates with me and it is Oh so very true! I have come to learn through study and practice in my life that what we focus on expands. We are magnets at our very core and we do have the power to attract, create and manifest in our lives. The question is what will you use your power for to create in your own life and daily experience? I find doing my daily affirmations with all I am grateful for in my life followed a short meditation and daily intention is a powerful way to start each day.

Then I can flow into my bigger picture of what I have in motion for my day and bigger life plan. There is and will always be problems, challenges and hurdles around us in life. Some of these at times can be termed as suffering. It is just part of the human experience. That said there is always joy, happiness, grace and opportunity all around us. My hope and intention for you is to find and stay focused on your opportunities, goals and mission. The more you do the more your view will be clear, glorious and fulfilling!

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