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April 2, 2015
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May 7, 2015
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No Pebbles just big Rocks

imageThis message from Ralph Marston is right on and just what my life focus is all about in my world. Hope yours too! It is not easy to avoid or eliminate the small pebbles in life and just focus on the Big rocks. But knowing what is Really, Really important and deserves your time and attention will create much more peace and joy. When we focus on the little things or pebbles we get bogged down, scattered and drained. So my little tip and advice for the day is take Ralph’s message and live it!

A day of substance

Make today a day of substance. Let go of your concerns about
the superficial things that really don’t matter, and devote
your energy to the things that do.

Life is a grand experience and there is so much more to it
than just keeping up appearances. Even the small,
unimpressive moments can be profoundly rich if you’ll just
allow them to be.j

Remind yourself how fortunate you are to be living this day.
See how silly it is to worry and fret over the things you
don’t have when you do have so much.

Grab hold of the opportunity that is now. You can make good
things happen, and you already know how great that will make
you feel.

Look around at the world and smile a great, big, satisfied
and joyful smile. Realize, at a deeper level than ever
before, how great and limitless your possibilities are.

Use this day for real, substantive progress, the kind you
care about so much. Be amazed at the abundance, and be
delighted at what you do with it.

Ralph Marston

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