Pain and Change

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April 10, 2015
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May 18, 2015
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Pain and Change

I am feeling really good about my health/fitness and spiritual path in my life right now. As many of you know I had a brutal year last year where I was challenged and tested on many fronts within our family health issues with Mary Lou that were literally Life and death. My business and career life were rocked to the core and brutal all year long. When the business for many and varied reasons could not be sold another path came clear. That ultimately lead to some gut wrenching very clear decisions to close down the business disappointing and letting down many people in the process.

There was and has been much to process through all that on many business, legal and personal levels. But I have made my peace and amends with the path and the decisions. I know clearly the decision was right for all involved including me, no matter how hard and painful this is in the process. I am a big believer in learning, internalizing, taking responsibility for the decisions and actions that come to pass. Then you move forward, don’t wallow in the past and move onward and upward.

I am and have been doing just that. Not only am I reinventing myself, my skills, knowledge and paths but I am fully utilizing all my intellectual capital and heart power that I have acquired over the years. Now as a consultant, coach, writer, speaker and entrepreneur I am evolving to new depths and heights that I have dreamed of for some time. I am on the path to create new greatness and creating ways to serve others at even higher and deeper levels in leadership and service.

But I knew the most important person and client of all had to be myself. So beyond cleaning up my past I decided to focus on my present and future from the inside out. Many of you know I committed to a new and disciplined health, fitness and lifestyle plan that would help transform me in my path. I am happy and grateful to say with a great mentor and adviser and then me just doing the plain damn hard work I am more healthy and fit than I have been in years. I am eating fully Vegan, no caffeine and until I hit my goal weight no fruit and no grains. I am down 26 pounds and a few pants sizes in just over two months. I am running, biking, doing yoga and tai chi. I am working out each and every day and usually twice. I am doing my daily body/mind/spiritual ritual every morning and I am meditating daily.

My body/mind/spirit vibration has become so much more clear, clean and tuned in. I am connected to my higher power and purpose beyond even my own expectations. So the bottom line message of this Very long post is “I encourage you to make YOU your most important client, deal, customer, friend or project that you have.” By focusing on being the best you that you can be in all areas of your life you will be able to give back to and serve others 10 fold.” And then the very best residual gift of all is the internal peace and Joy that radiates and shines through no matter of any dark sky or cloud that may be looming and passing through. And what I have come to know is the sky is constantly changing in our lives.

The clouds float and stroll by every hour,day week and the change is always present and changing. Lets not get caught up in the ever changing clouds but stay in the expanse, wonder and possibility of the never ending magnificent blue sky containing it all!Challenge

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