Lead to Gold Hits the Audible Website Today!

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October 18, 2016
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November 4, 2016
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Lead to Gold Hits the Audible Website Today!

Here’s an exciting news for everyone. Guess what, my book “Lead to Gold” has hit the audible website today. In addition, it also hit 5 other major sites. After spending many hours in the recording studio. I finally got the finished product done and launched. A very big thanks to my friend Cory Verner. Who made things happen.

Reading reviews from people who bought and read my book. Was a great feeling, but one of the reviews from the book on Amazon struck me. “Only read this book if success is in your future!”, by SDJA. I was humbled and he is right – when you see success in your future. “From Lead to Gold” is a serious entree into the mindset genre. I look forward to future works from this new and terrific author”.

The book captured the essence of my journey from an idea to its setbacks before I reached my success. It’s a great read from cover to cover and a stirring reminder of the challenges, we all face in making our dreams come true.

You can still get the book on Amazon if you want the book or you can get Kindle. And now if you like Audio Books check it out on Audible and use one of your credits to get “Lead to Gold!” I also would ask a favor if you can leave me a review, if you did read the book on Amazon or now Audible that would be just great! And as a special Thank You if you post it and send me the note that you did it, I will send you a special bonus gift as token of my appreciation. I sincerely thank you all and appreciate all your encouragement and support as, I reinvent and carve my new paths in life!


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