5 Steps To The Success You Deserve

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December 10, 2016
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5 Steps To The Success You Deserve

Turn New Year Goals into Real Success with These 5 Steps

The new year feels like a fresh start. It’s the perfect time for setting goals and looking forward. Most of us are so eager to cast off the old year and jump into the new one that,  we miss the opportunity to reflect on the year gone by. The truth is, last year (and the year before and the one before that) all come with you into the new year.

Some of last year was probably good and some were maybe not so great for you; life is a mixed bag for all of us. The point isn’t to dwell on what went wrong, but to reflect on what you learned from your challenges and disappointments, and to think about how your struggles inform your choices and plans for the new year.

I know that everyone has big goals of success, as I do –  and whatever goal you have, you deserve. But here is the thing…

The level of success that you think you deserve entirely depends on you, but GETTING THERE is difficult and you may be unsure how to start. The HOW is the most challenging part that we all need to face.

Reaching that success level does not need to have a complicated formula, but there are a few steps that most successful people follow.

First: Get a clear understanding of WHAT you really want

The very first step to achieve your goal is to be clear about, what you really want from your life and business. Having a firm grasp on your wants will provide focus toward achieving them.

Set the number of days you want to work, when you want to work and where you want to take your vacations; most importantly, how much money you want to be earning for this year.

The trick to this is for you to start with the BIG picture, then work your way towards the smaller details that are involved in this big plan of yours.

Second: Understanding the Whys

To have those clear targets and goals is awesome, but if you do not know your WHY or the reason you are doing this in the first place, you will not get anywhere.

The WHY will give you the motivation and will help fuel your vision to see this through to completion.

Third: Plan in Advance

For every goal, there should be a plan. This is not just any marketing or business plan – this has to be more than that. This is the road map to your success – the steps that you will require that will take you there.

Calculate your daily number of steps and actions. Make sure to print your game plan – post it for yourself and others to see, giving you a constant visual reminder to push through.

Fourth: Up Your Accountability

Now you have the plan, the reason, and the processes in place, but there is still one missing ingredient that is crucial to the success of achieving your goal and that is to be accountable for it. You need to up your accountability.

Upping your accountability could be bringing on a coach, a mentor, or a peer who will help you keep pushing for your goals. Asking someone trustworthy to hold you accountable to your goals, will further fuel your motivation to keep taking steps towards that success you desire.

Fifth: Celebrate Your Success and Increase Your Goals

When the above steps have been followed through, and you reach your goals successfully, then you need to enjoy every moment of it. Celebrate the growth, the follow through and the fulfillment of all the hard work you have put into getting to where you are.

You can also evaluate your plans, and see which steps worked and which didn’t and apply what you learned to your next set of goals. Now is the time to increase your goals and push yourself toward the next level.

Moving Forward…

You know what you are capable of achieving. So get your plan in place, get a clear understanding as to why you set this goal, and take the necessary actions to bring you to the next level of your success.

You are capable of achieving success in life and in business. Enjoy the process. Remember as the book the “Alchemist” says “Once your mind is made up and clear the universe conspires towards your success!”

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