How to Materialize the Dream

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May 17, 2017
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How to Materialize the Dream

How do you transition from knowing your higher purpose or having a calling. To putting that into a concise, direct, focused plan of action. How do you  create clear measuring points and metrics, timelines and goals. All situated within a particular format that works for you.  I’ll share with you how I’ve learned to do this for myself.

It isn’t a passive exercise for me.  Rising up the ladder to the CEO role was done through conscious focus and effort on my part.  I created it.  I manifested it.  I worked hard. I burned the candle at both ends at certain times.  First of all, I helped others reach their goals.  As you help others reach their goals first, your rewards will follow. I created a lot of revenue for the company.  I exceeded goals.  I was driving revenue by recruiting people and helping real estate salespeople. Become more productive. I created a lot of good relationships along the way. I continued to help people feel good, and I evolved.

I enhanced my training skills and learning skills. And also my own sales skills. I went to executive classes and workshops. I had mentors. I hired coaches.  I clearly was mapping myself, creating and manifesting all of the skills and talents needed. To becoming the CEO of Prudential California Realty. A Berkshire Hathaway Home Services company.

You remember me sharing with you the moment I was fired. When I was standing in the rain at the pay phone. I knew in my gut how to follow the right path to take for a new creation. At any particular time.  This includes the moment I was standing in the rain at a pay phone. With my wife in tears.  I knew I was going to turn ‘Lead into Gold’, and was then turning myself into an entrepreneur. And I do admit to a bit of fear, yes, but mostly excitement, completion, anticipation, and a sense of possibilities and of new paths ahead.

I also realized that this was going to take a lot of hard work, a lot of transition and a lot of creation. Newton’s Law of Motion was going to serve me well.  Luckily I knew something about myself, that I had been capable of manifesting things most of my life. And also In the early days I didn’t understand exactly what all that meant. I just felt my direction and new path, and went after it. As I’ve grown older and wiser. I’ve learned the power of creation. The power of manifestation. The power of gestation. And also the laws of attraction. As well as the power of consistent hard work. I knew that I was going to have to use all those skills and more.

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