Seeds of My Own Company

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June 13, 2017
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June 26, 2017
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Seeds of My Own Company

Sometimes there are seasons in our lives, where things aren’t lining up so well. It may seem like one red or yellow light after another. This happened to me, because culminating on the day. I was fired as a CEO of my previous company. I had brought in many talented people that I both learned from and added value. And also I truly cared about this company.  I was very humbled knowing that I added as much back into that company. As I was able to learn and take.  I had a meaningful exchange with the company and the people there in terms of income, knowledge, expertise and being mentored by others.  So when I did have those dark days and thought, “Why am I doing this?” and “I don’t want to take this hassle from the bosses,” in those moments. I would reflect, “What would it be like if I ran my own company.  What would it be like if I created my own path.”

I had actually started writing out my ideas a few years prior to this. So I created my ideal business plan about what I would like to achieve in a company or my own organization.  I’d had that plan sitting on a shelf for years.  So I knew in the moment when I was dripping wet sitting in my car, while sitting in my own silence, that I was going to implement my plan.  That night I pulled out the business real estate company business plan.  I looked at what it entailed, polished it up, and fine-tuned it based on what I immediately knew was happening in the marketplace at this particular time. I took the next day off and I got right into the planning process.

My plan covered elements about creating the ideal consumer experience, the process, and service offerings.  I reviewed how I planned to deliver it, how the marketing would work, and a description of an ideal team. I wrote about the kind of sales people and team members I needed. I had considered whether I would be the sole owner or if I would have partners.  Harvest a business partner can be equally as important as harvest a marriage partner, and  also can be the life and death of a company. I described my preferred executive and partnership structure and team. And also a schedule of when to bring on how many people in phases. I answered other questions, such as: What will be needed for a team to get this product offering out and in service?  When would I need capital and how much?  How would I fund and run this business?

Even though this transition forced upon me one big red light that slammed on my brakes temporarily. It was only a few months later, that I began to see green lights again.  This only happened after exploring numerous opportunities to re-invent myself.  But once I made a decision, a final commitment, and took swift action going down that path. I was able to receive one green light after another. This happened in the form of investment capital, great building rent, attracting great management and sales people, and great momentum. Things just started to flow very quickly and smoothly.

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