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How To Be A Purpose-Driven Leader with Dave Clare Episode 12


Is there a practical application of spirituality? If so, how does one apply their spirituality in real life? Having a spiritual anchor guides you in your decisions, gives you hope when everything seems to be falling apart, and overall uplifts your well-being. You may spend time doing meditation, prayer, or yoga because they build your spiritual muscles, but you must use those muscles in the real world.


Dave Clare has developed a “toolbox” to help him help others create their mission and vision in life, and he joins Steve Rodgers in a value-filled episode of The Alchemy of Business Show. They talk about spirituality and how it applies to everyday life and discuss how to empower people to make decisions. Dave also shares his “toolbox” to demonstrate how he helps people know their mission and vision.



[7:03] Going from victim to victor
12:09] Reacting vs. responding
19:23] The concept of teaching is universal
33:06] Empowering people to make the right decisions
47:56] Stop creating word salads
55:40] Sometimes, it’s the breakdown that creates the breakthrough








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About the Guest

Dave Clare is one of the world’s foremost authorities on becoming a purpose-driven leader and enables organizations to drive profitability on purpose. Dave has led organizations and teams across multiple sectors and industries throughout his international career.

As an international and award-winning coach, facilitator, and leader, Dave knows what it takes to lead and build award-winning organizations. Many of his clients have gone on to win international recognition. Dave is not only the published author of SIMPLIFIED, but he is also the creator of the Leadership Framework©, the Circle of Organizational Leadership©, the Model Business Canvas©, the Culture and Strategy Advance©, and R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Selling©.

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