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Branding and Simplifying Your Message with Lisa Patrick Episode 15

Whether it’s your company’s brand or your personal brand, the key to promoting it is through effective communication. How you communicate your brand to the masses can impact your effectiveness and determine if a customer recognizes your message or chooses to ignore it. Your communication speaks so much about your brand; so do not waste our time and energy using strategies that don’t work.

Lisa Patrick, an award-winning branding specialist, can give you pointers on how to get your brand to speak for itself.  Lisa is the expert on simplifying your branding through keeping your messaging concise, clear, and straight to the point.

She and Steve Rodgers, the host of The Alchemy of Business Show, discuss why communication is important in branding, marketing, and everyday life. In this episode, they talk about how the way we speak, the words we choose, and the behavior we display affects the outcome of our conversations. Words truly are powerful.


[6:35] Conscious, not just curious

[9:22] How I adapt my behavior to be living my purpose

[20:21] Specificity builds credibility

[33:55] Vulnerability can move mountains

[37:12] We learn in pain and failure

[48:56] Being nice is different from being kind







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About the Guest

Lisa Patrick is an award-winning branding specialist, podcast host, startup advisor, co-founder of Belongify.com, and co-author of Intelligent Curiosity. Patrick is sought after for her abilities in marketing, market positioning, product development, operations, and scaling.

Working with some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the world has given, Lisa had the opportunity to showcase her unique skill to see opportunities that others miss. These relationships have also provided her insights into the distinctive points of view of risk and opportunities facing today’s experts or influencers and their speaking/coaching businesses.

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