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Minding Your Mind with Pietie Beyers Episode 35


There is no health without mental health, and in this episode, our host Steve, takes the time to recognize the importance of well being for both our work and personal lives. South African Actor and Writer Pietie Beyers joins us for a 2nd time to share his experience struggling and learning how to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He emphasizes the importance of minding your everyday thoughts and looking after yourself in order to use your abilities and gifts wisely, and to be able to deal with the everyday stresses of our life. Rather than seeing one’s vulnerability as a weakness, Pietie and Steve discuss the importance of taking the first step and realizing that honesty with oneself and with your loved ones can be the best gift to you and the people around you. 

Through conscious efforts to protect his well being, Piete was able to turn his “mess” into a positive message through the NETFLIX film Skemerson, which positively impacted different people around the world by giving awareness to our mental health as human beings.


00:00 Intro

4:52 Pietie on the film SKEMERSON, and how his openness to others sparked the idea for it.

8:13 The process on how the film was made and the positive impact it had on people who watched it.

10:26 Steve on how to blend both the ego & the spirit to GET stuff/SH*T DONE.

16:41 Learning to live with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and learning how to break the loop

19:41 Steve shares his experiences with mental health challenges

21:41 On Mental Health Stigmas

29:52 On the Importance of taking the First Step towards getting help

33:53 Signs to look out for that could affect mental health negatively long term

35:05 Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

37:08 Feeling like a freak doesn’t mean you are a freak, it means you’re a human being

41:25 Process of getting the movie/project into production

56:35 Pietie on what spirituality is







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About the Guest

Pietie Beyers is a South African actor and filmmaker. He has been seen in many local TV shows and soapies and has made his debut playing the role of Dr. Deon Visser in the kykNET soapie Binnelanders. In 2016, he made his film acting debut in Stiaan Smith’s romantic comedy film, Sy Klink Soos Lente. This film (She Sounds Like Spring) is about Ben, a mechanic working in a car dealership in Johannesburg, and Linda, a beautiful and brainy redhead. Inspired by his own struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Pietie Beyers wrote and starred in the Afrikaans feature film Skemerson (Sun Cry Moon) in 2019. 

In it, a young man battling mental illness decides to take his own life. He continues to climb the ranks in the South African entertainment industry and hosts a podcast called SO LOOP HY MAAR.

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