Ep 40 AoB

Embracing Play & Passion for a More Fulfilling Life with Will Sacks Episode 40


In this eye opening episode, we talk with Will Sacks, Founder & CEO of Fulcrum Venture Accelerator. He dives deep into the value of finding your spark and prioritizing activities that give you energy, rather than the ones that sap it. This realization led him to build companies and help startups raise more than $40 million in funding for projects in climate, human health, education, and culture. 

We follow his humble journey, from a life-changing experience in Burning Man to experiencing the pains of birthing his first company, all the way to helping multiple startups launch successfully and sustainably. He shares how he triumphed over life’s trials through his learned philosophy of “maintaining a state of playfulness”, and how you can apply it to your life and business.

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