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Determining Buyer Habits with Esther Wildenberg Episode 9


A high-quality personality test can help you prepare for your next job interview, provide you with the necessary insights to make the right career choice, and help develop your leadership skills. These tests also help schools and other institutions determine an individual’s personality, making connection easier. For example, BANKCODE created a short 2-3 minute test to determine one’s personality effectively instead of the usual 20-45 minutes.


Esther Wildenberg of BANKCODE joins The Alchemy of Business Show host Steve Rodgers in discussing the importance of personality tests and how it helps at work and at schools and other institutions. They discussed how accidents can turn lives around for the better. If you are looking for valuable information that you can use in your life and business, be prepared because this episode is full of gems.



[5:02] Raising a baby in the midst of Covid-19
9:29] Sometimes, all it takes to turn your life around is an accident
24:06] Become whole to help others become whole
36:53] People buy you, not your product or service
41:11] How AI helps with everyday life
59:00] Connecting with yourself, connecting with others








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About the Guest

Esther Wildenberg is the EVP of Global Sales at BANKCODE. She is also a keynote speaker, executive business coach, sales trainer, leadership retreat facilitator, and entrepreneur.

Esther was born and raised in The Netherlands and started her career in Dentistry. Inspired to make a bigger impact on the world, she left dentistry and began to work in many industries around the world. She was the youngest CEO in The Netherlands leading an organization with 800+ employees.

In 2013 Esther joined BANKCODE as a Certified Trainer, and then because of her leadership, quickly became the International Sales Director for Europe, opening 5+ countries in less than 3 months. Her success led her to become the EVP of Global Sales and in 2014, she relocated to the USA. Esther lives in Laguna Beach, California.

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