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Improving your business operations and scaling requires a holistic approach that brings the key elements of your company together.

Steve does a full diagnostic of how those core components relate and work with one another, which can include:

Our 7 Step Process

Anaylsis and
Create roadmap
and strategy
Accountability, Reporting, and Feedback
Full company diagnostic analysis
Define success and goal setting
Final deliverables, and ongoing support.

Full company diagnostic analysis


Anaylsis and report


Define success and goal setting


Create roadmap and strategy




Accountability, Reporting, and Feedback


Final deliverables, and ongoing sup- port - redefine, recomitt, results

Need some help?

The most important part of any organization is its workforce.
Learn how to shape your people, re-connect to their why and help build a clear path to achieving more.

  1. Are your managers. stuck in career plateaus?
  2. Is your team morale and buy-in low?
  3. Is your HR equipped to attract & develop top talent within and outside the organization?
  4. Do you have a business culture that encourages creativity, growth learning & mentorship?
  5. Are your leaders aligned with their deepest purpose?

Attaining Efficient Processes & Streamlined Systems


A business is only as strong and as effective as the processes and systems put in place. Steve can help you:

  1. Do a thorough review of your existing work flow and check where we could reduce unnecessary steps.
  2. Rank processes based on importance per department.
  3. Get feedback from involved departments and its members.
  4. Assess which areas of operations need further refinement.

Achieving results by tracking the right metrics and being aligned with the company's purpose

From top to bottom, Steve guides companies to make sure metrics in each department are in sync with the overall purpose and goal of the organization.

  1. What is the mission & vision of your company?
  2. What are the main areas in which your organization is currently tracking?
  3. Can these metrics be reasonably measured?
  4. Do your specific departments know what to prioritize in terms of analytics?
  5. Are these metrics relevant to the company’s mission and vision?
  6. Are your targets specific, realistic and achievable?
  7. What actions and initiatives can be implemented to achieve the set targets?

GET a clear picture of where your business is now, and guide you all the way to where you want to be.

Here's what you'll get:

Current and Past Clients

Businesses I've Helped

David Tal

David Tal

The Leader in Lead Conversion

“Steve has been a consultant, business mentor, and coach to me and my company, Agentology for the last year.

Steve brings a wealth of experience in all sectors of business management and real estate and has helped us greatly understand the marketplace, and where we can be of most value to our customers and partners.

He also helps you see things from a larger perspective and stretch your imagination of what’s possible. Steve Rodgers is someone you want by your side!”

Maximizing productivity and profits with Sell Tax Free

David Greenberger

President of 1031 Exchange

“Steve worked for me a long time as a consultant and business advisor and has done a great job. He is a tireless as he is resourceful, a great combination when you want things done. He has a great attitude and a great drive to succeed, old enough to have plenty of experience but not worn out at all, a well oiled machine!”

  1. Went from traditional brick and mortar to an online business.​
  2. Cut staff costs by 75%. ​
  3. Increased client reach by 500% in just 6 months..
  4. Reduced costs by 60% overall.​
  5. Increased profits by 350%.​​

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