Doing Well, By Doing Good

I know you have heard the phrase “doing well by doing good.” I have some news to share in the spirit of that worthy mindset.

The main story

Recently, Global Junior Achievement launched. A new division, platform and mission within Junior Achievement (JA) Global. This was the brainchild of the mega successful Canadian Brian Sidorsky. Who came up with the University of Success. This was power by JA CFO Margie Wang and the top brass at JA.
This Initiative brings major authors, speakers, teachers and also thought leaders all to one place. The goal a virtual distribution of all these great principles and teachings to our youth. Get to them early as they say. I am truly honored to be part of this initial Chancellor group. These are some amazing people and I am humbled and grateful. To be of service and part of the team listed in the slide.
Just for your information. Junior Achievement is over one hundred-years old and serving 10 million youths a year through their programs.
You will see some photos of the event. We had Marshall Goldsmith, multiple NY Times bestselling author and world renowned executive coach inspiring the group. In addition, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and best selling, author Mark Thompson wowed the audience. The Global JA conference leaders were soaking up all their practical wisdom, guidance and positive life hacks.
You may also know of Bob Procto. Who has done legendary life’s work carrying forward the, “Think and Grow Rich” principles. He is adding his wisdom and guidance.
And here we are wrapping up the day with dinner with the amazing. JA team in the heart of Atlanta. We also enjoyed time with my friend and mentor Marshall Goldsmith. JA CEO – Asheesh Advani and Brian Sidorsky, Also pictured, Margie Wang – JA CFO and the wonderful JA exec team. What a fantastic, on purpose group of people and organization.

Upper left: Chancellors Brian Sidorsky, Bob Proctor, and Steve Rodgers. Upper right: Chancellor Dave Meltzer moderating a panel with young JA alumni from Germany, Algeria, Hong Kong, and Mexico.Bottom: Chancellors Brian Sidorsky, Steve Rodgers, and Marshall Goldsmith with program director Robert MacPhee and JA Worldwide staff Erin Sawyer, Tere Stouffer, Margie Wang. and Asheesh Advani.

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