IGI & The Coronavirus Part 3: From Crisis to Opportunity


This is the third part of a three-part series of posts. Part One focused on the practical steps we can take in our daily lives and in our business and work lives. Part Two talked about how this event can aid us in discovering what is truly important in our lives as we take the big picture perspective and discover compassion and our greater unity as Human Beings. 

Part Three addresses the deeper, spiritual significance of this event and how you can view it from an IGI perspective that will help you navigate these chaotic times and evolve to experience more goodness in all aspects of your life.

The current coronavirus pandemic is creating a lot of fear and uncertainty in individuals throughout the entire world.  It can be tempting to succumb to fear and despair over possible negative outcomes, as well as fall into anger at other people and political leaders who we feel aren’t responding adequately.

However, by remembering to look at this situation from the perspective of IGI we can ask, “How can I invite goodness into this circumstance? How can I suspend my judgment of this event and open to the possibility that it may serve a valuable purpose?” Perhaps the coronavirus is a great opportunity to evolve to being more of your true self?



Lead to Gold – Crisis to Opportunity

By inviting more God or goodness into our lives because of this virus and embracing what’s happening right now, we can discover whether some good can come from this.
We can take a broader perspective and see a divine purpose for the coronavirus. Mother nature and the universe is a greater intelligence than we can often understand, and perhaps this pandemic is a necessary event that humanity will ultimately benefit from.

When we think back on crises in our society like September 11, or personal crises such as immediate and unfortunate death, or businesses that have crumbled, or people that get cancer. These are very tragic and challenging things that happen, but there’s always/immediate good that comes from that.

This may take the form of people discovering greater compassion for others as they express love and support for others. In such tragedies, people are challenged to dig deeper and find empathy where they maybe would not have felt it before. These life-changing events shake us up and remind us of what is important and many start questioning to find the meaning of life and looking at what life is all about.


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How You Can Use This Situation to Transition, Transform, and Evolve

I encourage everyone to look at this event at the deepest level rather than the superficial and ask themselves: “What can I learn from it? How can I grow from it? How can I be a better spiritual human being? How can I take better inventory in my life and correct the things that weren’t working and help make a difference for others? How can I better my products, services, companies, governments, and schools?”

Reflect on how you can best use this time, whether it’s two weeks, four weeks, or longer of slowing down and being at home quarantined. Use this time when you’re not dealing with clients to start working on that project you were going to start, that thing you were going to invent, the music you were going to make, the art piece that you were going to create, or that relationship you were going to mend. Mother Nature and God know exactly what they’re doing and if you follow the flow of life and use this time well you will discover many benefits.


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Lessons and Benefits

If we learn the lessons that this current manifestation in our lives brings, we can evolve and learn what we need to learn to become more intelligent and more loving.  And the great thing is that once we have learned the lesson, the teacher no longer needs to stick around and can leave.

This global pandemic is causing us to shift in various ways. This virus is a gift showing us to slow down our frenetic, crazy activity. We are always on the go and rushing from one thing to another and now everyone is forced to slow down – even when we didn’t think we could. It is offering us the chance to step away from our busy lives and instead spend quality time with our loved ones and in introspection.

This can also be a time to activate networks of cooperation, as people are stepping up to cooperate and reach a hand out to a neighbor who needs help, or to another company in your community. Many people have been helped through this process and made better people because of giving hands and open hearts.

This virus also sends a very clear message that we are in a global world whether we want to admit it or not. What happens to one country’s economy and health becomes a butterfly effect that affects the whole world. We may see that this event has caused the world to come together in solidarity and recognize our fundamental interconnectedness. We are all doing our best to learn from each other and meet this challenge collectively.

One could also look at this as a sort of worldwide cleansing and detoxification process. God or Life’s infinite wisdom knows that there needs to be a cleansing of our physical bodies, our psyches, our egos, our ecosystems, and the structures of our society so that we can be more healthy.

From this perspective, I don’t look at this as a punishment. I look at this as a blessing for the evolution of humanity and that this is simply the way the planet works and the way mother nature works. The ecosystem of plants, animals, organisms, and viruses is all so intertwined. Perhaps, this event will help us realize this and cause us to become more conscious of our interrelatedness with all life on Earth.


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Transmuting Our Fear

One of the main issues that the coronavirus is reflecting to us all is our relationship with fear. We can look at this virus as an invitation for each one of us to face our root fear – that of survival. In the face of a global pandemic that the media is all too willing to obsess about, it is an opportunity to face that primal fear of survival and reaffirm that we are OK and we are going to be OK.

At a similarly trying time in America’s history during the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt admonished the nation that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. At a time when financial panic was threatening to cause masses of people to rush to the banks and withdraw all their money, FDR rightly pointed out that the situation was not insurmountable in itself. It is only when people panic and give in to irrational fear that results in chaos and cause real damage. Likewise, this coronavirus pandemic is manageable if everyone stays calm and works together to meet this challenge.

As long as we take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health we cannot be harmed by anything outside of ourselves and even if we contract the virus we will be able to heal from it. Rather than living in fear of something that is outside of our control, we can then surrender and trust that there is a greater intelligence at work in our lives and that intelligence is giving us exactly what we need to experience in order to evolve.

I know that the coronavirus is inconvenient for many of us and it also brings up a lot of fear. Not only our fear of death, but it is also scary for people who are going to have less income or possibly will have companies close or lose jobs. Remember that this too shall pass.

Our grandparents and parents went through the Great Depression or World War I and II or more recently we all experienced the life-changing event of September 11th. In these events, some people tragically lose their lives and some lose their loved ones. But those that live and those that grow from this experience know that this too shall pass and this will be something we will look back on and recognize that it was a difficult and trying time, but it also was necessary in the grand scheme of things to bring to the forefront things about ourselves and our civilization that need to change.


I anticipate this current situation resulting in long-term ripple effects that will contribute to humanity taking a quantum leap to another level of evolution and higher consciousness as a species, as individual countries, and as a world globally.  We can all look out for simultaneously big changes in the economy, healthcare, and all other areas of our society.

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