190: The Alchemy of Business Success with Steve Rodgers

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Steve Rodgers, founder and CEO of Alchemy Advisors, is a business and lifestyle consultant, and also an author. He is dedicated to helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.” Steve was the CEO of Warren Buffet’s California Prudential Realty Company after just 14 years and he went on to start and run the fifth largest real estate company in San Diego in less than one year and now gives back by helping others find their own unique success and happiness.

Steve is highly regarded by many prominent figures such as Brian Tracy and John Assaraf and Marshall Goldsmith. His first book, “Lead to Gold” An entrepreneurs guide through transition and transformation” was just released in June Entrepreneurial Role Models: Richard Branson Mark Thompson Brian Tracy When business started difficulties overcame: “Probably being a little under capitalized in my company even though I had assets and I had great wealth at the time. If you think back to 2008, in the United States at least the real estate market was just crashing and I had a lot of my assets and real estate.

I walked away from to be able to open a real estate company since I had a none solicitation and a none compete, I walked away from a two years severance package and not only were my assets of my real estate company and my real estate holdings dramatically diminished but I had no income from something which was supposed to be somewhat of a golden parachute so I was under capitalized when I started and i figured that the momentum of growing and making things happen would make up for that pretty quickly and it did in some cases but sometimes as an entrepreneur you have to start that way, you don’t have all the capital that you need to get things going”…[Listen for More] Favorite Books:

Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill If it Ain’t Broke … Break it! Book by R.J. Kriegel Favorite Quote: “The soul, understands what the mind cannot conceive” Recommended Online Resources: Marshall Goldsmith Library Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs: “I always ask with my clients, who they can forgive that they’re not forgiving or who needs to forgive them that they’ve not asked for forgiveness from”…[Listen for More] More About Stephen Rodgers: Alchemy Advisors Neil’s Quote at the Beginning:

Cat Deeley “If I’m interviewing someone I need to know everything about them – I do these big spider diagrams. Everything under different categories, and certain questions in other categories.” Other Quotes From the Chat with Stephen Rodgers: “ The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive”

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