How to Find and Maximize Your Highest Purpose

In this podcast, let’s hear about Steve’s journey from the restaurant industry to a career spanning more than 25 years in real estate. Find out how Steve can help you make the best of your journey to transition into an entrepreneur.

Steve’s Roar and Takeaway

“I use the No Fear Approach – working through that terrifying fear is empowering”
“An extraordinary life means having the freedom to be yourself at your highest level”

Tune into the episode now to hear Steve talk about:

  • Why you should live every day to its fullest – while you work hard AND play hard. [2:03]
  • Why you should be CURIOUS! And why it’s good to try something else on your days off. [6:16]
  • Discovering your claim to fame, BUT only if you can do this… [7:20]
  • How you can be the youngest person on the team and a little naïve, but still lead the team EFFECTIVELY. [10:04]
  • How communication can bridge gaps to create respect and strong relationships with ANYONE around you. [13:29]
  • Why you should view your goal and articulate that vision CONSTANTLY. [16:01]
  • How to get on the path to success and stay in YOUR ELEMENT – and why you should always be learning. [19:46]
  • It’s not what happens – it’s how you handle it! [26:22]
  • The TWO lists you MUST make today and how they may surprise you. [28:45]
  • Why meditation and spirituality are important, and the peace it brings you. [30:51]
  • The PERFECT gift to give YOURSELF. (Also amazing for your family and your business!) [35:20]
  • The paradox of being FREE to be yourself at your highest level and the importance of routine and DISCIPLINE (and how to do both). [39:50]
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With Steve Rodgers