ICP 147 How To Achieve The Life You Want Without Selling Out With Stephen Rodgers


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The three elements to happy living
  • Stephen’s secret to success and happiness
  • How to find joy from not doing something
  • The hidden power of forgiveness and asking for help

Stephen Rodgers’s wife’s health crisis changed his life.

Encouraged to re-evaluate the purpose of his own life, today he’s someone who is dedicated to helping others.

As the founder and CEO of  The Alchemy Advisors he helps Creatives find their own meaning, purpose and potential.

As the author of a new book, Lead to Gold, Stephen reveals what he believes creates success and happiness when leading a creative life.

Having once generated $25 billion dollars in annual sales, in the real estate business, today he is someone who enjoys not just the arts, but also traveling, yoga, meditation, sky diving and kung fu as part of his richer life.

Hear what Stephen has learned from his successful friends such as Warren Buffet, Brian Tracy and John Assaraf and why he believes every moment in life is an opportunity, a test, a challenge or a gift.

“They had not fired a CEO but they had birthed an entrepreneur” – Stephen Rodgers

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With Steve Rodgers