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On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast. Steve Rodgers of Alchemy Advisors joins us to talk about what ignited his business. How and why he transformed his body and he continues to transform of his mind and clients’ on a consistent basis.

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Steve Rodgers is a business and lifestyle consultant. As well as the best-selling author of Lead Into Gold, which became a top seller on its first day in the marketplace. In 2015 he started his latest business, Alchemy Advisors. The business is so named as a tribute to Paul Coehlo’s The Alchemist. A book about finding what makes your soul sing, something he loves doing with his clients.

The spark for Alchemy Advisors came from what others would see as a tragic event.  He was fired from the realty company he had been with for 15 years. In 2008 the real estate market crashed, and he was the CEO at the time. About a week before Christmas, they fired him. But he took it as a great gift and told himself:  “…they didn’t just fire a CEO, they birthed an entrepreneur.” That experience put him on a path to self-exploration, higher purpose, and entrepreneurship which ultimately led to Alchemy Advisors.

Steve believes every single thing happens for a reason. And that we are empowered to have choices and change the direction of our lives. If we choose to that moment and every moment since he has chosen.

And that includes his switch to being vegan. During his CEO days, his weight ballooned to  350 pounds at his highest. His motto was work hard, play hard. He’s always been an overachiever, and he overachieved in drinking as well. He made the decision to quit drinking 13 years ago, and in his first year with no alcohol, he dropped 50-60 pounds. Then hired a trainer and became even fitter.

With the start of Alchemy Advisors, he was laser-focused on becoming as fit as possible in every level and took his health even further. He saw a health and nutrition coach he has long admired. And that doctor recommended he go vegan based on Steve’s body’s particular needs.

At first, Steve resisted but eventually said yes and agreed to do it for 90 days. He promised himself he was going to be his number one client. He was going to show his other clients how to be in best possible health in every area: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial. Though it was tough, he fixed with it and had huge results. Today Steve is half the man he once was at 175 pounds.

He’s also embraced the mental aspect of his life and become an example for his clients by doing things that frighten him. He got into martial arts, despite being one of the oldest in many of his classes, and he also went skydiving with his daughter.

Today he explores his fears on a regular basis. He says wherever any of us have the biggest fears in our lives; that is where we need to go the most. On this show, he encourages everyone to embrace and make friends with their biggest fears. And when you feel resistance or fear just know that is your soul’s GPS signal for where you really want to go!

Also on this episode, Steve explains what his 4 B’s scoring system is that helps him stay on point in every area of his and the simple way you can do the same. This is a fun, insightful and encouraging edition of the Sex, Money, and Food podcast!

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