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Welcome to The Alchemy of Business, the show that explores the secrets behind successful entrepreneurship. In this episode, we sit down with the legendary Fred Cary, the founder of the highly successful venture capital firm, Idea Fund Partners.

Fred is a true maverick in the world of entrepreneurship, having coined the phrase “F*ck Average, Be Legendary” to inspire entrepreneurs to push beyond their limits and reach for greatness. In our conversation, Fred shares his journey of deciding to work for himself instead of “working for the man,” and how he used his passion for innovation and risk-taking to build his business empire.

We also delve into the reasons why business ideas fail, and Fred shares his insights on what entrepreneurs can do to avoid common pitfalls. As a seasoned investor, Fred offers valuable advice on learning as you go along as an entrepreneur and how to get the attention of investors.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode of The Alchemy of Business is sure to inspire you to think big, dream big, and go after your dreams with passion and determination. So, join us as we explore the magic of entrepreneurship with the one and only Fred Cary.

0:00 Intro
2:28 "F*ck Average, Be Legendary!" Where did that come from?
4:55 Deciding to work for myself instead of "working for the man."
6:50 Entrepreneurship is really hard, but I'm all in all the time.
10:10 Why Business Ideas Fail.
14:02 Looking for Perfection is Looking for Death.
16:42 Just do what's needed and learn along the way.
19:19 IdeaPros was created to level the playing field for entrepreneurs.
25:58 Purpose Driven Business Leaders - Core values & North Star being unified with the business.
27:14 Incorporate your purpose into your work early.
29:32 How to Get Investors' Attention.
33:18 IdeaPros - What you can easily get for free or cheap won't always get you to succeed.
37:25 Pitching anything & getting investors to buy into your idea.
45:00 IdeaPros Case Study - The MOVE App.
47:50 What is spirituality? How do you incorporate that into your life and biz?
49:40 I get up early, focusing on ME and the most important things in life.
52:40 You can't have it all in a year.

Get ready to dive deep into the meaning of oneness with host Steve Rodgers and renowned philosopher and systems theorist Dr. Ervin Laszlo in this lively and thought-provoking podcast! Join them as they explore how the concept of oneness can transform our approach to business and society as a whole.

Through their dynamic conversation at the Global Oneness Summit, Steve and Dr. Laszlo touch on a variety of topics, from the law of cause and effect to the power of love and being of service to others. Along the way, they share insights into how we can plan for a brighter future, both individually and collectively, and why it’s essential to stay optimistic in the face of challenges.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a curious philosopher, or simply someone interested in expanding your understanding of the world around you, this podcast is sure to offer plenty of food for thought. So tune in, sit back, and get ready to be inspired by the boundless possibilities of oneness!

6:46 Dr. Laszlo on Oneness
12:42 Business today can't just focus on the bottom line or solely making profits
15:14 The law of cause & effect
18:52 Innoculation of Love & Oneness to prevent Illness in the world
20:48 Being of Service
23:06 Doing our part
24:57 Being an Optimist

The Brain Whisperer, ” John Assaraf,” is one of the world’s leading, high-performance, successful coaches. He has written 4 books, including 2 New York Times bestsellers, and appeared in The Secret movie. Today, he is CEO of, a neuroscience-based company dedicated to helping individuals strengthen their mindset to achieve their goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before.

In this stellar episode of The Alchemy of Business Show, John shares his journey from selling drugs to selling houses to finding purpose. As a young kid, he had a lot of drive to make money, but his efforts led him into shady dealings. This all changed when he met a mentor who provided valuable advice and asked him, “Are you interested? Or are you committed?” John then got serious about changing his life by adopting new skills, beliefs, and habits that served his goals.

In this episode, John shares with us his passion for psychoneuroimmunology, the mind-body connection, and the ability to control the body with your mind through visualization, imagination, and affirmations.

You won’t want to miss this episode where John goes deep on how unlocking the power of your mind can vastly increase your income and transform your life

4:15 John’s Background and early troublesome life
6:48 On how john picked up good work ethic
8:04 from doing menial work as a kid, he started to do ILLEGAL work to earn more money
9:26 Describes his drive and how he got into bad/illegal work
12:35 My brother knew that I was selling drugs and getting in trouble. John’s turning point and story of how he met his first impactful mentor
16:00 1 Question that changed John’s life is, “Are you Interested, or Are you Committed?
18:20 Lesson number 1: First you make decisions then you FIGURE OUT HOW
22:28 Journey from selling to owning a Real Estate Firm
24:11 Foundation of innercising
31:33 Learn the fundamentals FIRST, and once you have those, you get better and better at it.
34:17 Retiring twice and becoming a personal development teacher
37:15 how can i use my life in a way that I’M PROUD OF, and i could then make a contribution to others, so that I feel that the trade of life, is worth what i’m doing
39:55 I started the interest in my brain during my early 20’s
44:10 Innercising your brain to crush limiting beliefs and create new patterns that create success
47:03 Brainathon free training event every saturday (change your brain, change your income
49:30 John on Spirituality

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