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Do you think that business and spirituality have something in common? Many people think they are polar opposites. But is it possible they can be harmonized? 

We usually think that you have to be ruthless, ambitious, and immoral to succeed if you are an entrepreneur. But there is another way to approach success. It is more fulfilling if your goal is to be successful in order to serve yourself AND to help others become successful.

In this pilot episode of The Alchemy of Business, guest host Joshua Berglin introduces Steve Rodgers. By turning the mic around, Steve shares his experiences and how he overcame challenges in a way that inspires other people from all walks of life to discover their IGI (inviting in God/goodness/grace or whatever you choose to call it). He talked about some of the darkest moments in his life and why he chose to turn it around and be in the light. This is truly an enlightening and motivating episode that sets the stage for the shows to come. 





6:01 From Lead To Gold; reinventing yourself
11:56 It's only a matter of perspective
14:15 Finding out how you can monetize your passion
21:56 The importance of asking yourself if you are in EGO or IGI
29:29 The 4 B's and why you would want to track them every day
37:56 How and why business and spirituality complement each other

Success is a broad term. What is it really? We all have our own definition of success. For some, it is becoming a millionaire, buying their dream house, creating a successful business, or marrying the love of their life. It’s completely up to you to determine.

World-renowned speaker and author, Brian Tracy, believes that success comes from these three words: “You are responsible.”

In this amazing episode of The Alchemy of Business, Brian joins host Steve Rodgers in talking about accountability, goals, and how your challenges should not deter you from achieving success. They also discussed Brian’s books and how they have helped people get where they want to be in their lives. 

There are thousands of dollars worth of gold nuggets here – it is a truly enlightening conversation, and this is an episode you don’t want to miss!


13:09 You are responsible for everything that you do
23:19 If you believe in something, keep pushing
29:54 The Golden Triangle of Success
43:52 Knowing your hourly rate, no matter your role
55:36 “Eat that Frog” and quitting procrastinating
1:11:21 Your first million is the hardest to earn, but your second million is way easier

Challenges – life is full of them. We’ve all experienced getting knocked down and feeling like we want to scamper away with our tail tucked between our legs. 

Some challenges, such as rejection and failure, derail us from our goals. But have you ever thought that for every thousand “no’s” there will always be at least one “yes”? We just have to be patient and keep our eyes on the goal, no matter how difficult the journey is. 

Greg S. Reid, a bestselling author, keynote speaker, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, did not waver when he encountered rejection after rejection. Because of this, he now has much to teach us about overcoming it in our own lives. You may even have one of his famous inspirational quotes on your favorite coffee mug.

In this episode, Greg teams up with your host Steve Rodgers and together they regale the audience with their experiences and talk about how they dealt with the curveballs life threw at them. They also discuss why perseverance and IGI are essential in one’s journey to success, among many other topics. Throughout the episode, both drop valuable tips and golden nuggets that are useful for everyone, entrepreneur or not. 

This is truly an entertaining and inspiring podcast episode that you do not want to miss.



3:57 Absorbing knowledge with a student’s mind
9:25 Withstanding the “no’s” in life
20:25 The difference between a coach and a mentor and why you should have one
38:35 How to have the abundance to finance your passion
40:57 The wealth mindset
49:41 Inviting good energy in and keeping bad energy out

Failure gives us an uneasy feeling. But from the moment we are born, we are wired to take risks, fail, and try again. However, at some point, many of us become much less comfortable with the idea of failure. We lose sight of the valuable learning that grows out of all the trying – the exploration and the discovery. Patrick Combs, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of Bliss Champions, considers failure as life’s greatest teacher.

Failure, along with motivation, success, and joy, are the main topics of this week’s episode of The Alchemy of Business Show. Patrick joins Steve Rodgers and discusses why failure should not be feared. They talk about motivation and why it will get you where you would want to be with a bit of patience and lots of faith. There are gold nuggets present throughout the whole conversation, so whatever you do, do not miss out on this opportunity to learn and be inspired.

4:58 Applying what we learn from our parents in real life
9:00 Everyone needs help once in a while
16:55 Anything can be monetized
28:37 Having a wonderful relationship with failure
30:45 You can really be good at anything
46:20 Following your bliss

Success is about touching people’s lives. It’s not about how much money you have in the bank, how many properties you have acquired, how much your watch costs. It’s about how many people you have helped and inspired. Sometimes all it takes is one simple gesture, and we can put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel less alone. That is what we should live for. Jimmy Mistry, the Chairman of Della Group and founder of Della Leaders Club, is someone who embodies this definition of success. 

In this episode of The Alchemy of Business, our host, Steve Rodgers and Jimmy Mistry talk about the success of the Della Group and what it does for the betterment of society. They also discuss Della Leaders Club, wherein entrepreneurs can share their wisdom and learn from the wisdom of others. When we’re gone from this world, we can’t take anything with us. All that’s left are the people whose lives we touched, and the difference we’ve made while we were here. 


3:00 Jimmy’s upbringing and why he became an entrepreneur
8:56 Creating a cumulative dream with your team
12:14 The good kind of madness
19:45 Being up for the challenge
38:04 The entrepreneur's support system
41:58 Success is in helping others
1:03:18 It is a “give and take” world

Courage. It’s so important in this world of fear and uncertainty. 

Many fears are associated with our businesses, and entrepreneurs and leaders know this well. However, one should see them as opportunities to make their business better, which also applies to our personal lives. 

There are many forms of courage. The courage to move on from loss, the courage to take risks in developing a relationship with others, the courage to face failure and rise again; the list goes on. The author of The Entrepreneur’s Book Of Actions and One Million Frogs, Rhett Power, is an expert in facing your fears through bold courage.

The next time you’re hesitant to make a business decision, even though it sounds reasonable based on data, mind, and heart, think about freeing yourself to make that decision by discovering your true courage. 

This episode of The Alchemy of Business will be dear to your heart as Rhett joins our host, Steve Rodgers, talking about courage, accountability, and knowing your place in the world. They discuss why your instinct matters in making decisions and how to stay attuned to it. 

12:31 Living life to the fullest and living a life of significance
16:24 Courage and accountability in leadership
23:29 Knowledge, faith, and action: the three pillars of a successful life
26:25 Clarity is key
34:52 Moving forward by taking a step back
46:08 Live goodness and spread goodness