Episode 37 – Love, Being of Service, & Optimism @ the Global Oneness Summit with Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Dr. Laszlo on Oneness
Business today can't just focus on the bottom line or solely making profits
The law of cause & effect
Innoculation of Love & Oneness to prevent Illness in the world
Being of Service
Doing our part
Being an Optimist

Get ready to dive deep into the meaning of oneness with host Steve Rodgers and renowned philosopher and systems theorist Dr. Ervin Laszlo in this lively and thought-provoking podcast! Join them as they explore how the concept of oneness can transform our approach to business and society as a whole.

Through their dynamic conversation at the Global Oneness Summit, Steve and Dr. Laszlo touch on a variety of topics, from the law of cause and effect to the power of love and being of service to others. Along the way, they share insights into how we can plan for a brighter future, both individually and collectively, and why it’s essential to stay optimistic in the face of challenges.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a curious philosopher, or simply someone interested in expanding your understanding of the world around you, this podcast is sure to offer plenty of food for thought. So tune in, sit back, and get ready to be inspired by the boundless possibilities of oneness!

Guest Bio

Ervin Laszlo is a philosopher and systems scientist. The author, co-author or editor of 106 different books that have appeared in a total of 25 languages, he has written over 400 articles and research papers. The subject of the one-hour PBS special Life of a Modern-Day Genius, Laszlo is the founder and president of the international think tank The Club of Budapest and of the prestigious The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. The recipient of various honors and awards, including Honorary PhD.s from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary, Laszlo received the Goi Award, the Japan Peace Prize in 2001, the Assisi Mandir of Peace Prize in 2006, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and 2005.