Vroom Vroom Veer

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August 30, 2016
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Vroom Vroom Veer

Steve Rodgers Vroom Veer Stories

  • How does a guy that leaves home at 17 without a college degree become a CEO?
  • What is it like to rub elbows and work with Warren Buffett?
  • Did you feel like you had arrived when you became CEO?
  • Now you are the CEO, and it’s your job to do corporate cuts.  Yikes.
  • Even though the writing is on the wall, getting fired still hurts.
  • Jumped into massive action and started a business the day after being fired.
  • The strange road back to where he started under Warren Buffett’s company.
  • The big veer now, becoming a vegan and an overall “health nut”
  • How did he learn he was 100% responsible for everything in his life.

Resource: http://vroomvroomveer.com/steve-rodgers/


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