In this talk, we will cover how leaders can overcome any obstacle and turn challenges into great opportunities, creating the mindset and attitude that will help you thrive in any environment. We will uncover how to get the most value out of your current business skills and assets, while discovering how to leverage what holds us back. You will learn how to transform challenges into valuable assets that will propel you and your team to the next level. Finally, Stephen will discuss how to create your own formula that will help lead others to even greater success. Learning this formula will open up unlimited possibility within your leader’s ability, desires, and confidence!


In this talk, we will focus on what inspires and drives sales teams to their highest potential, both individually and as a team. Salespeople are the lifeblood of any organization. Understanding how to keep them inspired, engaged, productive, and evolving to their highest potential serves them and the organization. Mindset, confidence, finely-tuned skills, accountability, and reward are just a few of the many items in the formula that can lead to long-lasting and record-breaking sales teams. I have hired and trained thousands of salespeople over the years, so I have come to uniquely understand how to get them to overcome their deepest fears and roadblocks, unleashing their greatest gold within themselves. In turn, this creates increased performance, raving customers, and higher sales. It will also lead to longer-term relationships and cut down on the high turnover many companies experience. This is a truly a win-win that can benefit everyone involved for their own highest good!


We all know attracting customers and keeping them engaged and happy is key to the success of our businesses. In this talk, we will explore how to better communicate and engage with your customers through all of your communication points. Whether it is the front desk, administration, sales, or customer service departments, everyone must take responsibility in their role in keeping the client happy, satisfied, and raving about all you do.

Beyond the one-on-one interactions, there needs to be an overall sense of company goodwill that is obvious to the team and the public. How can we maximize random acts of kindness to reflect the soul of the company? Is it possible to promote goodwill while staying within the vision that leadership has set? Doing well by doing good is not just a phrase, it is a way of life and must be in the DNA of your company at every level. When others know how much you care and how passionately you exude this, your company will excel. Your clients see it, feel it, and experience it, so they realize you are more than just for profit — you are “for benefit.” And in this day and age, hearing negative news everyday, most everyone will resonate with “doing well be doing good!” This talk will leave your audience with more desire, passion, and skills to better your customers, the company, and the world!


We all have fear; it is in each and everyone one of us at any given time. Anyone who tells you they are not afraid is either in denial or lying (probably out of fear!). In this talk, we will explore the origin of fear and how it can affect us in every area of our life, be it professional or personal.

Fear can take many forms and expressions. It may be frustration, anger, sabotage, procrastination, ego, over-compensating, pushing, boasting, yelling, not speaking, lashing out, running. The key is not to eliminate fear but to recognize it and transform it as quickly as you can into the power you deserve. We will go on a journey through original fear-based stories that lead to amazing triumphs. We will explore how to recognize fear in yourself and others and how you can immediately take actions to use that fear to propel you even faster and deeper toward those desired goals and dreams.

Wherever there is the biggest fear in your life to stop, take a deep breath and run there. Yes, right towards it! It is here you will find great power and create your own “Lead to Gold” formula in your life! Taking on this mindset can dramatically impact your leadership, sales teams, staff, and communications. You will see how this common denominator of fear can end up being the most life-changing shift you can take!

Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.

Dale Carnegie


Jo-Anne Oliveri

Dear Steve, You WOWed Us – Thank You! Thank you so much for your time, your generosity and your engagement with our recent property management leadership summit ALPPPS™ held in Australia. Oh, and I should also mention, thank you for your amazing presentation. I observed the audience and they were in awe and totally immersed in your presentation.We had so much wonderful feedback from the delegates after your presentation. They want you back. We want you back. You shared your incredible journey and gave life to your presentation. Your presentation style took us back to the time of your life you took us back too. In fact, it felt as if we were right there with you at the time it all happened. We had so much wonderful feedback from the delegates after your presentation. They want you back. We want you back. You shared your incredible journey and gave life to your presentation. Your presentation style took us back to the time of your life you took us back too. In fact, it felt as if we were right there with you at the time it all happened.You also provided the delegates with resources and tools to support the delegates with You also provided the delegates with resources and tools to support the delegates with an implementation of leadership strategies. They not only worked away feeling inspired, they were empowered, which was the objective of our leadership summit. We are also very grateful for your generosity to our charity for indigenous youth in donating your book to raise funds for this cause. On top of all that, you are real, authentic and completely immerse yourself in the summit and with the delegates and for that we are sincerely grateful. Thank you, Steve. I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending you as a keynote speaker for any style of conference or convention. You nailed it! You are one of the best. With gratefulness.

Jo-Anne Oliveri
Business Analyst, Strategist and Transformation Manager Managing Director | ireviloution – property management business solutions | PO Box 15745 City East Qld 4002 Phone: 0414716166 Email: info@ireviloution.com ABN: 90 138 281 366

Elvie Sanchez-Quiazon

Elvi Sanchez-Quiazon

Dear Steve, Warm greetings. Our heartfelt thanks to you for generously sharing your knowledge and giving emphasis not only on the need to be competent, organized, conquering our fears but also valuing relationships. Your amazing passion to create an impact by helping us master our selves, taking interest in adding value to ourselves, improving our career trajectory though continuous learning improvement of ourselves and others gives us a clearer direction of living a more purposeful life. I appreciate that you have incorporated our sense of responsibility for other people and how improving our character and attitude (esp. humility and being forgiving) will consequently keep us focused in our servant leadership. In the meantime, we take the accountability of creating an impact, while we pray for your continued journey to success. Thank you for being a wonderful blessing to all of us.

Elvi Sanchez-Quiazon
President, Rotary Club Muntinlupa North | Mobile 639178430912 | Landline 6327717777

Edna Sutter

Edna Sutter

Steve is inspiring, enthusiastic, and an awesomely authentic speaker. Steve spoke at the 2017 Rotary International District 3830 Conference where over 3,300 Rotarians from major cities in Metropolitan Manila in the Philippines operate from. The district covers Makati City, Taguig City, Pateros, Paranaque City, Muntinlupa City, Las Pinas City and the province of Palawan; all important economic centers driving the growth of the country . He was an effective and engaging speaker and the participants were moved by his sharing of his true-to-life stories that connected him to the crowd. The Rotarians from our district are accomplished and experienced leaders from various industries who find fulfillment by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to make a difference to the lives of people in the communities they work with . The conference included a sizable delegation composed of community and civic leaders whose associations are rotary's partners in service. Steve listened intently to the questions raised at the Q&A and sensitively shared his very practical, straightforward insights that demonstrated his thought leadership. The annual conference is the most important occasion of every rotary district and it offers a great opportunity for Rotarians and their partners in service to gather for fellowship and to learn from each other. Through this event, it is hoped to inspire, and, in the process, renews everyone's commitment to the often difficult task of balancing one's personal life and business life with Rotary style public service. Steve did just that. Hearing from thought leaders is a very important component that rotary requires for the event. It is truly a gift to have heard and learned this year from such a grounded and truly motivational speaker like Steve Rodgers. The crowd simply loved him. Thank you Steve. We wish you more power and continued success!

Edna Sutter
Governor | Rotary International District 3830 | Rotary Year 2016 to 2017

Marshall Goldsmith

#1 executive coach in the world ranking by Global Gurus

Steve has the unique ability to be both very bottom line oriented, hard driving, all the while an excellent people oriented manager who people want to work hard for. He is one of the most outstanding leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years.

Gary Ranker

Global CEO Coach

Chris Coffey

Executive Coach, Keynote speaker, and Leadership and Team workshops

Steve is a true professional, a principled and honest man, a great leader and speaker. He has been an inspiration to me for many many years and to hear him speak is to understand his outstanding connection with his audience, his passion, and his ideals.

Lisa Cooper

President of The Cooper Group

Will Linssen - MSc. MBA, MCC

Master Certified Coach & Practice Leader for APAC & Europe

After ten years of being mentored and coached by Steve Rodgers, I am well aware of what a unique opportunity it’s been to be lead and inspired by someone that lives what they teach. He is a master at authentically inspiring all to achieve beyond levels of complacency or normal. His approach to life and business takes away the ordinary, forcing a new perspective and vision to live into. Go for the Gold

Eileen Schwartz

VP Professional Development Carrington Real Estate Services

Steve is a powerful, high energy and experienced leader who cares about the growth of people. He is a visionary who acts on his goals and produces tremendous results. Steve is strategic and innovative in his thinking and always leads with compassion. It has been an honor to, not just work with Steve in the same industry but to know him.

Belinda Barone Stowers

Director of GSD

Terri and I have known Steve since the early 1990's and watched him rise to the CEO of our company. He is an excellent leader. We feel that he has our best interest at heart... always. Every Organization mirrors the personality of the person at the top... that is why Prudential California Realty is such a wonderful place to work.

Terri and Paul Guess

Associate Brokers, Prudential California Realty, Encinitas

I can't begin to express my admiration for you accomplishments. While working with you for the past 8 years, I have come to not only respect but truly admire the tremendous leadership skills you have shown in your position...

Sandy Barragan

CEO, One Step Services

Steve is a pioneer. As the CEO of Prudential California Realty, Steve has taken an active approach to Internet marketing, and leads his Company by example.

Andy Steuer

Entrepreneur in Residence at Idealab / Founder of Gigway

I have known Steve since he was the manager of the Prudential Real Estate office in Rancho Bernardo. Steve is an inspirational individual. This coupled with his true interest in people plus his excellent leadership style makes Steve one of the very best leaders in our industry. It is a real pleasure to be a part of his organization

Jim McNabb