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Does your startup have the grounded business principles and foundation to build up to create a lasting, profitable company?

Current and Past Clients

GET a clear picture of where your business is now, and guide you all the way to where you want to be.

As an entrepreneur and creator of multiple companies, I know what it's like to start from scratch and build your business from the ground up.

Do you need guidance in building your dream business or still confused on what business you want to start with?
Perhaps you need ideas on how to make money now and for your future?
Maybe you don't know what to do and stuck up on thinking how to start building a business from scratch?
No reseources or clear methods yet. Stressed or unorganized with your thoughts?

If you need these, you're on the right track!

Businesses I've Helped

David Tal

CEO of | The Leader in Lead Conversion

“Steve has been a consultant, business mentor, and coach to me and my company, Agentology for the last year. 

Steve brings a wealth of experience in all sectors of business management and real estate and has helped us greatly understand the marketplace, and where we can be of most value to our customers and partners. He also helps you see things from a larger perspective and stretch your imagination of what’s possible.

Steve Rodgers is someone you want by your side!”

Maximizing productivity and profits with Sell Tax Free

David Greenberger

President of 1031 Exchange Advantage |

“Steve worked for me for a long time as a consultant and business advisor and has done a great job. He is a tireless as he is resourceful, a great combination when you want things done. He has a great attitude and a great drive to succeed, old enough to have plenty od experience but not worn out at all, a well oiled machine!”

  1. Went from traditional brick and mortar to an online business.​
  2. Cut staff costs by 75%. ​
  3. Increased client reach by 500% in just 6 months..
  4. Reduced costs by 60% overall.​
  5. Increased profits by 350%.​​

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