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Marshall Goldsmith

#1 executive coach in the world ranking by Global Gurus | #1 leadership thinker,  #7 business thinker ranking by Thinkers | Author of 35 books with over 50 million copies sold

Steve is a well seasoned executive leader, was CEO of Prudential and Berkshire Hathaway, and he has owned a firm. He has had high levels of executive success. He understands both how to drive a business, and how to manage and lead a business.

Brian Tracy

International Speaker and writer of over 70 best-selling books | Consultant for 1000+ companies

Steve and I have been friends and business associates for several years. Steve is one of the most competent, thoughtful, insightful and decisive executives I have ever met.

GET a clear picture of where your business is now, and guide you all the way to where you want to be.


Ryan Ponsford

President | Akili Capital

Steve Rodgers is a rock star! With his experience, connections, perspective, and general intuition on how to engage others, Steve provided invaluable counsel throughout several projects. After spending countless hours with him on a whiteboard, I’m pleased to consider Steve a friend and an ally, and will gladly collaborate with him on future projects.

Greg Reid

Author. Think and Grow Rich series

Steve is the world’s authority on turning adversity into opportunities – and is one of life’s great champions.

Steve has been a consultant, business mentor, and coach to me and my company, Agentology for the last year.

Steve brings a wealth of experience in all sectors of business management and real estate and has helped us greatly understand the marketplace, and where we can be of most value to our customers and partners. He also helps you see things from a larger perspective and stretch your imagination of what’s possible. Steve Rodgers is someone you want by your side!



David Tal

CEO, | The Leader in Lead Conversion



Edna Sutter

Governor | Rotary International District 3830 | Rotary Year 2016 to 2017

Steve is inspiring, enthusiastic, and an awesomely authentic speaker. He was an effective and engaging speaker and the participants were moved by his sharing of his true-to-life stories that connected him to the crowd. Steve listened intently to the questions raised at the Q&A and sensitively shared his very practical, straightforward insights that demonstrated his thought leadership. 

Through this event, it is hoped to inspire, and, in the process, renews everyone’s commitment to the often difficult task of balancing one’s personal life and business life. Steve did just that. It is truly a gift to have heard and learned this year from such a grounded and truly motivational speaker like Steve Rodgers. The crowd simply loved him. Thank you, Steve!

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David Greenberger

President of 1031 Exchange Advantage |

Steve worked for me a long time as a consultant and business advisor and has done a great job. He is a tireless as he is resourceful, a great combination when you want things done. He has a great attitude and a great drive to succeed, old enough to have plenty of experience but not worn out at all, a well oiled machine!

Steve has the unique ability to be both very bottom-line oriented, hard-driving, all the while an excellent people-oriented manager who people want to work hard for. He is one of the most outstanding leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years.

Dr. Gary Ranker

Global CEO Coach

Elvi Sanchez-Quiazon

President | Rotary Club Muntinlupa North

Your amazing passion to create an impact by helping us master ourselves, taking interest in adding value to ourselves, improving our career trajectory through continuous learning improvement of ourselves and others gives us a clearer direction of living a more purposeful life. 

I appreciate that you have incorporated our sense of responsibility for other people and how improving our character and attitude (esp. humility and being forgiving) will consequently keep us focused in our servant leadership.



Do you need guidance in increasing your own evaluation or attracting new investors?

Maybe you require accounting and legal skills, or perhaps extensive marketing expertise?

Perhaps you need help with raising funding or making strategic alliances with partners and other big players in your space?

As an entrepreneur and creator of multiple companies, Steve knows what it's like to start from scratch and build your business from the ground up.


The IGI Principles: The Power of Inviting Good In vs Edging Good Out

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who is seeking to bring a deeper Spiritual Intelligence and a greater consciousness into their business so as to benefit not just themselves and their customers, but the world as a whole?

If so, this book is your blueprint.

We all desire to do work in the world that is successful, profitable, and guided and informed by our deepest values. However, it can be challenging for ambitious, action-oriented business leaders to balance maximizing profits while also nurturing their deeper purpose.

The IGI Principles: The Power of Inviting Good In vs Edging Good Out

Erik Swanson

International Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author | Founder of the Habitude Warrior Conferences

There is no luck! You know what there is… there’s a goal, then there’s an attempt or two or five or twenty. Then there’s failure upon another set back upon another failure. But, somewhere in the midst of all of this, there is also a ton of lessons for success.

Steve brings us through a journey that is not sugar-coated, but rather filled with tools and techniques to transition your challenges into massive success! This is a true guide of transformation! Thank you, Steve!

Mark Thompson

NY Times bestselling author | Serial Midas touch investor | Former Chief of Staff Charles Schwab | Worked side by side with Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab, and Richard Branson

Steve’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit shines through every chapter in this book. I’m sure it will help many transform their business with a sense of purpose. I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates following in the footsteps of a successful businessman who combines heart with practical strategies in a step by step format.

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