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For a limited time, as a special pre-release price the Kindle version of the book is available for just $ 4.95.

What is IGI?


(Pronounced “iggy’)
Refers to:

Inviting God/Good In

Rather Than:

Edging God/Good Out

— The IGI Principles are one way that you can discover your unique gifts, and share them with the world as a spiritual being in this human experience.

— In this way, you are allowed to be the true you, that you were created to be, while also being a part of a worldwide movement. A movement of individuals in all spheres of work and business, who are allowing their Spiritual Intelligence to infuse their creative output in the world.

— Essential elements of the IGI formula such as forgiveness, gratitude, morality, service, and trust are explored and it is explained how they can be expressed in your personal and professional life and why they are essential for success.

— These principles and strategies apply to all forms of professional work, whether the individual is a solopreneur, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, or an employee in a company of any size.

Not Your Typical Book

This book is not your typical book. It’s a whole lot more while being a whole lot less. It is a new evolutionary style of book where you can read the succinct and easy-to-read text, scan QR codes to watch videos that go deeper into each chapter, and share social media ready excerpts with your friends and business circles.

There is a power greater than ourselves (e.g., God, Mother Nature, the universe, etc.) that wants you to do good things and to be a better person and leader. Are you opening yourself up for this power to help you achieve
#BusinessSuccess? #InviteGoodIn

Businesses that do good things, in addition to their initial product or service, give their managers and employees something to be grateful for. Initiate a movement that they will want to be a part of and grateful for. #Gratitude

The way you view serving customers matters. Businesses that believe that #BeingOfService is one of the most important jobs in the world are often those that achieve #BusinessSuccess.

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About The Author

Steve Rodgers is a former Warren Buffet CEO who experienced a radical spiritual transformation that has evolved into a new mission as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, in-demand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author. He specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase profits while bringing spiritual intelligence into every aspect of their personal and professional lives to invite in success, fulfillment, and abundance beyond their wildest dreams.

For a limited time, as a special pre-release price the Kindle version of the book is available for just $ 4.95.

Book Highlights

What You Will learn In The I.G.I Principles:

– How to incorporate Spiritual Intelligence into your life – a key to achieving a consistently growing, evolving, successful, and vibrant business.

– Why your ego’s drive towards success and fulfillment is a healthy and natural thing, and how to harmonize it with your deeper soul’s calling to achieve your material and spiritual dreams!

– How living up to your moral fiber and choosing to do the right thing can help you achieve business success and happiness.

– Why you must learn to forgive others – but most importantly yourself so as to move forward in your life in freedom and joy.

– How to utilize the IGI Principles to invite in ever greater Productivity, Profits, and Purpose to allow space for goodness and God to flow through all levels of your business.

– How gratitude is a secret key to infinite abundance and why it is imperative that you incorporate it into your daily practice.

– What trust is and how to learn to trust and so opening up to allowing a higher power to guide you on your journey towards success.

– What it truly means to “be of service” and why those who give the most, receive the most.

– How to measure and track the 4 B’s of your body, your being, your bonds, and your business to ensure that they are in alignment with the goodness you want to invite into your life. This enables you to get a better view and find clarity on whether your daily actions are directed towards achieving your goals.

– The power of breath, prayer, and meditation and practical ways that you can experience them in your daily life – no matter how little time you have free.

For a limited time, as a special pre-release price the Kindle version of the book is available for just $ 4.95.

Here's What People Are Saying About The IGI Principles

" Steve Rodgers has done it, lives it and now teaches it in this great book.
The IGI Principles are essential to all great leaders; learn them and live them and you‘ll be one too. "

- David Corbin

Two Time WSJ Best Selling Author of Illuminate and Preventing BrandSlaughter

" This is a warm, wonderful book, full of ideas and insights that will open your mind and heart to the true potential that lies within you. Not only is it a joy to read, but you will never be the same afterword."

- Brian S. Tracy

World-renowned speaker , consultant, and writer of over 70 best-selling books.

" One of those books that leaves you better off for reading it. LOVE this message. Perfect for today’s society."

- Greg S. Reid

Author: Think and Grow Rich series

" A new and far better world is emerging and Steve Rodgers is right on top of it leading the way! Finally in IGI Principles, we have the road map to a happier life in business as well as personally. Steve’s ideas are classic, proven, feel-good principles that lead to success, well as personal happiness. IGI is a trumpet call to our Higher Selves to come forward and influence our higher, far better lives. Steve Rodgers is an authentic leader in business as well as living what he pronounces as the better way. Reading his book, you’ll no doubt think, “I want what he’s having!”"

- Shannon Peck,

Spiritual healer, past life regression counselor, author of Past Life & Spirit World Regressions: Healing Through Revealing, and co-founder, with Scott Peck, of The Love Center

" We have learned how important it is to be engaged in the work we do. There are countless engagement surveys that warn of the impact of disengagement in the workplace. And, there are an equal number of approaches to raising those scores. If these principles were practiced by everyone…..engagement scores could go sky high."

- Dr. Beverly Kaye

Author, Speaker, Consultant

" Steve Rodgers is an amazing individual and his personal wisdom is changing the world and his heart is available to everyone he comes in contact with. Don't miss your invitation to Greatness found in this writing."

- Craig Collins

CEO, Universal Reading Method LLC

A Few More...

" Steve Rodgers really opens his heart and gives us a good behind-the-scenes look at principles he uses to build the foundation of his own professional and personal life. I've watched Steve wield the power he describes in The IGI Principles for years, overcoming odds and thriving in downturns that would have squashed most people. Steve is not most people. He shares his strength and vision, and for the first time gives us a how-to guide to developing his kind of inner peace, resilience, and success. Nice going Steve! "
- Marilyn McLeod
" Steve is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful and humble leaders I know. Steve always puts absolutely everything into his projects and this book over-delivers!"
- Haris Reis
National #1 Best-Selling Author, President of Zenfusion, The Gamechangers Academy, and CEO of BIH Media Inc.
" Having known Steve personally for several years now, I’ve long awaited this book. It’s the book he was destined to write so that he could share his greatest gift with the world. Steve’s gift is showing high-performing business leaders how to apply universal principles of spirituality to great effect in their companies (and personal lives). IGI is a brilliant concept and a best practice business strategy."
- Patrick Combs
International Keynote and Inspirational speaker, author of Major in Success and Man 1 Bank 0
" Very few human beings that I have met in this life are able to articulate "the art of the heart" of how to live a God centered life in the maelstrom of human existence than my friend Steve Rodgers. In his book "The IGI Principles" he presents a step by step process of how to integrate the eternal life giving principles of Truth into all our earth affairs -- business, social and family. What divine timing! "The IGI Principles" are here just in the nick of time for every being seeking a deeper relationship with their Creator and the awakening of the GOOD within themselves and our global family.
Thank you, fearless Steve, for this "must read" of INVITING GOD IN! I highly recommend that "The IGI Principles" be put on one's nightstand so a nugget of truth can be downloaded in the heart and mind every night for sweet new dreams of a better world."
- Reverend Tom Kelly
Yoga Teacher, prior Monk, coach, teacher, love master and prior Co-Owner of Soul of Yoga.
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